Heritage Week 2022 – The legacy of Amy Whitelegge – lace designer, lacemaker and teacher

On Monday, 15 August 2022, as part of Heritage Week 2022, we organised a pop-up exhibition and a presentation by invited speaker Merrie O’Sullivan.

Merrie O’Sullivan presented the lace collection of her grandmother, Amy Whitelegge, who made and taught lace in Ireland. The collection included a stunningly beautiful wedding dress and a sampler of Amy’s work, with many intricate stitches. The collection displayed a wide variety of filling stitches and tambour, tape lace, Carrickmacross lace and crochet lace, as well as original artistic designs. The presentation is available here.

The idea of creating a digital catalogue of lace pieces found in private collections (such as the one presented ), with the view of recording these and using them as educational resources, was presented. The creation of an all-Ireland community for people interested in lace history, lace making, lace design and continuing the tradition of Irish laces in the 21st century was also discussed. You can check the slides here.

Dr. Matthew Potter welcoming the participants

The event took place at the Limerick Museum, where several lace pieces from the Florence Vere O’Brien collection, on loan from Veronica Rowe, are currently on display.





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