Introductory lacemaking workshops for UL students

At the invitation of the @ULCrafts Society, Eva Ryley and Gabriela Avram, from Toni O’Malley’s lace-making class, led two introductory Limerick lace workshops on October 24 and again on November 7 2022 with two groups of students at the University of Limerick. The images below are from the last session.

We shared with the students a brief presentation of the history of Limerick lace recorded by Dr. Matthew Potter for last year’s Lifelong Learning Festival, we showed them exemplars of Limerick lace from our own collections, as well as contemporary lace made by Eva, and we introduced the tools of the trade. Each student received a Limerick lace beginner kit.

The students chose a pattern to work on, learnt how to outline the piece and 1-2 basic stitches.

As the time dedicated for the session was of only 3h, just one or two students managed to finish their pieces, but they all got a good idea of how laborious lace making is.





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