Bring Out Your Lace 2023

Does your family have any piece of lace hidden away? Maybe a family heirloom, or something you have acquired at some point that you wonder about.
Limerick Museum and Friends of Lace Limerick are organising a two-day special event in the Limerick Museum on Heritage Week, where you can bring in your own items of lace to be assessed, catalogued and photographed. You can get useful advice about lace preservation and storage. The event is part of National Heritage Week and August Craft Month.

In 2015, Limerick Museum and Archives ran a similar event and created a beautiful catalogue. In 2018, Friends of Lace in collaboration with Limerick Museum, ran another similar event.

This year’s event takes place on Thursday 17 August and Friday 18 August 2023 in the Limerick Museum on Henry Street. The event is free and booking is not required.

Friends of Lace will also organise a pop-up exhibition with pieces from its members’ personal collections on those days.

Whether it’s in the attic or a family heirloom, bring it along for our experts!





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