Recording of talk on Maude Kearney

On October 3rd 2023, we celebrate 150 years from the birth of Maude Kearney, luminary of Limerick lace.

The famed Limerick lace-maker, designer and entrepreneur Maude Kearney was born on this day in 1873. For over fifty years, Mrs Kearney ran a lace-making business in Limerick City called the Thomond Lace Industry, which employed between fifty and eighty workers at the height of its success. 

A member of the distinguished Hodkinson family of Ecclesiastical Decorators of 53 Henry Street, Limerick, she was one of the greatest figures in the history of Limerick lace. 

In 2023, the magnificent Maude Kearney Collection, consisting of numerous examples of Limerick lace and a large number of lace patterns, was donated to Limerick Museum by Grania McElligott, a granddaughter of Maude. 

We take this opportunity to share the recording of the short talk presented by Dr. Matthew Potter and Randel Hodkinson on the life and work of Maud Kearney during Heritage Week 2023.



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