The Friends of Lace delegation at The Mansion House

Meeting with Brazilian lacemakers in Dublin

The Brazilian Embassy in collaboration with the Guild of Irish Lacemakers, organised a meeting between a group of visiting Brazilian lacemakers and Irish lacemakers at the Mansion House on Thursday 23 November 2023 between 10am and 3pm..

The Brazilian lacemakers visiting come from Divina Pastora in Sergipe, where a needle lace, originally brought there by Irish nuns, is a source of income for many families to this day. 

As the lace originated in Ireland, the Irish lacemakers brought with them some of their own work to show to the Brazilian lacemakers, who were also exhibiting theirs.

The Brazilian Ambassador, H.E. Mr Marcel Fortuna Biato, addressed the audience, followed by Nora Finnegan, who gave a talk on Irish Lace and its significance.

Photos courtesy of Eva Ryley.

Four of our members- Toni, Eva, Gina and Marina – travelled to Dublin to take part in the event hosted. Among others, in attendance were members of the Guild of Irish Lacemakers, of the Headford Lace Project and of the Corrib Lacemakers.

This was a perfect example of lace crossing borders and barriers and creating opportunities for meaningful cultural exchanges. 







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  1. Mariá Fleming Avatar

    Beautiful work from Irish Lace guilds in Ireland and the Irish lace from Divina Pastora, made by Brazilian Lacemakers in Sergipe, Brazil, during the exhibition in the Mansion House, an initiative of the Brazilian Embassy in Dublin. Venue courtesy of the Mansion House, Residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Daithí de Róiste. It was a wonderful encounter of Irish Lacemakers.

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