Limerick lace classes starting in January 2024

A new 10 weeks term of lacemaking classes focusing on Limerick lace will start on Tuesday, 9 January 2024. The classes will take place on Tuesday mornings from 10:30am to 12:30pm in a location on Dock Road, Limerick.

The classes are taught by Toni O’Malley. Complete beginners are welcome. A beginner kit will be provided.

A term of evening classes will start on Wednesday, January 17 2024, in the GROW building on Henry Street, Limerick. The classes will start at 19:00 and end at 21:00.

If you would like to register your interest or ask for more information, please contact Toni O’Malley at toniomalley123 at or 087 2775113 .







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    Lily murphy

    Iv got my eye on ye but wont make it this time with hospital.

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