Limerick lace – the once famous Limerick industry

This post is part of a series of posts detailing the talks and panels scheduled for the Amazing Lace Symposium 2024 on 23 March in the Absolute Hotel. To see the whole programme, go here.

Talk Title: Limerick lace – the once famous Limerick industry by Dr. Matthew Potter.

Talk Summary: The talk will give a condensed retrospective of the evolution of the lace industry in Limerick, from its beginnings in 1829, to the contemporary era.

Speaker’s Bio: Dr Matthew Potter has been Curator of Limerick Museum since 2017, and has doubled the Museum’s Limerick lace collection during his tenure. He is the author of Amazing Lace, a History of the Limerick Lace Industry, the definitive work on the subject which appeared in 2014.