The Art of the Stitch   –   The Enduring Legacy of Maude Kearney

This post is part of a series of posts detailing the talks and panels scheduled for the Amazing Lace Symposium 2024 on 23 March in the Absolute Hotel. To see the whole programme, go here.

Talk summary:

This talk aims to describe the life of this extraordinarily talented and successful woman, from the perspective of her family, at a time when female entrepreneurs were virtually non-existent.

Speakers’ bios:

Randel Hodkinson,  grand nephew of Maude Kearney is a fourth generation Ecclesiastical Decorator & current proprietor of the family business established by Maude Kearney’s father, James Hodkinson. Randel grew up & still resides in the family home, at 54 Henry Street, Limerick, where Maude began her life 150 years ago.

Grania McElligott, grand daughter of Maude Kearney, is a renowned textile artist. Influences on her textile art began in early childhood, under the tuition of her maternal grandmother, Maude Kearney. These influences led her to construct silk quilts as art pieces, incorporating her heritage and culture into their design and construction. Grania’s quilts have been exhibited throughout Europe and the US, and are contained in a small number of corporate collections overseas.