• Dress Covering

    Lace Dress Covering
    Dress Covering

    OBJECT: Dress Covering – Awaiting ID
    DESCRIPTION: Diamond net. Carrickmacross style using muslin appliqué. Also incorporating muslin tape lace. Some damage, yellow staining in centre, quite a bit of staining (possibly smoke damage).
    PATTERN: Floral bouquet filling each corner. Floral tape-work along border. With a shower of appliquéd floral details throughout the piece.
    STITCHES AND TECHNIQUES: Tape work/ Appliqué/Couching buttonhole stitch.
    FIBRE: Cotton on silk diamond net. Muslin and muslin tape appliqué.
    SIZE: Depth 171cm x Width 168cm. CIRCA: 1878.
    COMMENTS: Stitches not familiar to Limerick Lace. We think it is not Irish lace.
    STORED: Shelf.

    Dress Covering
    Lace dress covering – tape work
    Lace tape work
    Lace tape work

    REPACKED 5th July 2018: http://limericklace.ie/?s=5th+July