Threading the Tower- a community lace project

This post is part of a series of posts detailing the talks and panels scheduled for the Amazing Lace Symposium 2024 on 23 March in the Absolute Hotel. To see the whole programme, go here.

Talk title: Threading the Tower- a community lace project, presented by The Irish Crochet Lace Revival, in collaboration with lace artist Fiona Harrington
Talk summary: Threading the Tower is a creative collaboration between the Irish Crochet Lace Revival, artist Fiona Harrington and crochet lace makers from around the world who are from or connected to the Clondalkin area in Dublin. The aim of the project was to create a permanent piece of artwork that would celebrate and reawaken interest in the long and valuable history of crochet lace making in the
area. Since the 7 th century ad, a round tower has stood in the centre of the village and served as a backdrop for the many lacemakers who worked in Sybil Connolly’s atelier during the 1950’s and 1960’s, this tower became the focal point for the project.
This presentation will share the 18- month journey of recreating the Clondalkin Round Tower using crochet lace- we will discuss how the idea emerged, the design development, community involvement and the many hurdles along the way.

Speakers’ Bios: The Irish Crochet Lace Revival was founded in 2017 with the aim of reviving and regenerating interest in Irish Crochet Lace techniques. Meeting monthly, the group are not only interested in exploring patterns and techniques, but also wish to educate themselves regarding the history of the craft, by researching the past and seeking out stories of makers and the stories of their families and communities. You can follow them on Instagram. Also check their YouTube channel. The ICLR will be represented by Maureen Murray.
Fiona Harrington is a visual artist who works primarily with handmade Irish lace. She studies fine art, textile design and completed a training internship at the Kenmare lace and design Centre in Co. Kerry. She had won numerous awards and ha exhibited her work both at home and abroad.