Limerick Lace Workshop for Beginners

A one day Limerick lace workshop for beginners will take place in the Limerick Museum, that has a number of remarkable lace artefacts on display. The event is part of National Heritage Week and August Craft Month.

The workshop will be led by reputed lace teacher Toni O’Malley. Toni learnt the craft of Limerick lace from the Pennywell nuns in her childhood and teens, as she lived in the area and had a keen interest in needlework. Toni has been teaching Limerick lace workshops in Kenmare, as well as abroad in Europe, in different venues since the 1980s. 

In 2016, she started teaching weekly classes in Limerick, first in the Hunt Museum and then in the City Library in the Granary. Classes were discontinued during the pandemic, but have reconvened in the autumn of 2022 in a new venue.

The workshop is supported by Friends of Lace Limerick.
The fees for the workshop are 80€ and a beginners’ lace making kit will be provided on the day for 30€ (payable on the day). Registration required. Limited capacity.






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