Brainstorming with Giordana Giache

The second brainstorming workshop was led by Giordana Giache, lacemaker, educator and reputed artist, founding member of Lumen Street Theatre , in the Limerick Museum on the morning of 24 November.

Building on the results of the previous workshop, the participants discussed several topics. Below a sample of these topics:

  • Possible lace projections on the King John Castle (in connection with the Amazing Lace Symposium?);
  • Installation in the space of the Absolute Hotel, the venue for the Symposium;
  • Screen production in Roches Street for the Symposium, with interested Lace makers using available materials as a possible exploration;
  • Public installation in the shape of dresses made from chicken wire – possibly with Limerick lace motifs added to them;
  • External window lace swags for the upper floor of the Hunt Museum. The Limerick lace stitches have great names like the “knotty”, “bird’s eye”; the actual stitches are beautiful alone sometimes without the design. Samplers are very interesting to use – from the point of view of installations and advertising around the city.
  • Outreach in schools creating possible displays. This needs to be flashed out.
  • We could have national or international exhibitions of lace work – traditional or with a contemporary twist- for students and young artists.
  • Lace trail marked on the ground, images spread around Limerick. Guided tours of the trail.

Again, the participants discussed how these idea can be prioritised, examined the technical, material and work requirements and discussed potential responsibilities.

This project was funded by Creative Ireland and Limerick City and County Council through Creative Ireland Made in Limerick. 



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