• Lace piece from Toni's class

    Lace making classes- new term

    New Limerick Lace classes are starting at the Granary (in the Library) on 12 September 2019 (Thursday mornings 10:30 to 12:30). The classes will take place weekly for 10 weeks. For registering your interest or for getting more information, call Toni O’Malley on 087 277 5113.

    The photo shows the work of Eva Ryley, who started working on it in 2016, when she joined Toni O’Malley’s class. The shawl took over two years to finish, it is made on silk net, and both the tambour lace and the needle-run lace technique were used in this piece.

  • Limerick lace course at the Hunt Museum – the first steps

    Now in its fourth week, the Limerick lace course taught by Toni O’Malley at the Hunt Museum is bringing the six participants on a beautiful journey.

    • The first week’s session was dedicated to the preparation of the tools and pattern tracing.
    • The second week saw the participants choosing a pattern and attaching it to the hoop, followed by learning the outline stitch.
    • During the third session, Toni taught us the heavy darn stitch.

    See below a few images of our group at work:

    IMG_20151008_123634 IMG_20151008_123745

    IMG_20151008_123808 IMG_20151008_123815







    Tools of the trade:

    Old Limerick lace piece recently cleaned and restored by Toni: