• Limerick Lace Christening Gown

    OBJECT: LM 2010.0223 – Christening gown.
    DESCRIPTION: Limerick lace, christening gown, with silk under skirt. Two shoulder panels, seamed at shoulder, with skirt attached below; two short sleeves. Seam of skirt up centre front, rises to split just below shoulder panels to create opening to neck; two buttons to close. Back shoulder panel has four vertical bands of floral decoration. Underskirt; has no arms, with the main skirt hanging from two shoulder panels. Seamed up centre front with two buttoned opening around neck.
    PATTERN: Lower edge scalloped with floral pattern rising about one third up the skirt.
    FIBRE: .
    SIZE: . H. 67cm W. arm to arm 36cm bottom W. 51cm.
    COMMENTS: Made by May Bogue.
    DATE: 1920 – 1937.
    GIFT OF: .
    STORED: Archival Box A.

    REPACKED 13th March 2018: http://limericklace.ie/?p=902

    LIMERICK MUSEUM CATALOGUE LINK: http://museum.limerick.ie/index.php/Detail/Object/Show/object_id/56133

  • Altar Fringe Limerick Lace

    LM 1989.0103 Altar Fringe. Limerick Lace.
    Altar Fringe Limerick Lace

    OBJECT: LM 1989.0103 Altar Fringe Limerick Lace
    DESCRIPTION: Limerick Lace. White lace altar fringe in needlerun and tambour.
    PATTERN: Floral motifs, with Sacred heart at centre and IHS set to either side.
    STITCHES AND TECHNIQUES: Needlerun and tambour
    SIZE: Length of lace 130.5, maximum width including ribbon, 22.7, length of ribbon 184.5, width ribbon, 2.1
    COMMENTS: Attached at one side to plain tabby woven ribbon, which extends beyond the length of lace. This ribbon is repaired or extended at one end, with a short length sewn to the original one. The ribbon bears the marks of drawing pins.
    GIFT OF: Not known.
    STORED: Archival Box A

    Altar Fringe Limerick Lace

    REPACKED 13th March 2018: http://limericklace.ie/?p=902

    LIMERICK MUSEUM CATALOGUE LINK: http://museum.limerick.ie/index.php/Detail/Object/Show/object_id/9271

  • Limerick Lace classes this autumn

    New Limerick Lace classes are starting at the Granary (in the Library) on September 14th 2017 (Thursday mornings 10:30 to 12:30).For registering your interest or for getting more information, call Toni on 087 277 5113.IMG_20151008_123634

  • Lacemaking Weekend at An Grianán

    The Guild of Irish Lacemakers will be hosting a lace-making weekend at An Grianán in July 2016. There will be classes in five disciplines as well as a Social Room for those who wish to just relax and make lace but without the formality of a class.

    The cost for the full residential package covers bed and board as well as the class fee, while non-residents and Saturday-only attendees can chose between two options that includes class fees and some meals. All packages are open to non-members as well as members, who want to get away from it all in this beautiful part of the country, while practicing their craft-making skills.


    Residential: €210 Member/€250 Non-member
    Non-Residential (including High Tea, Saturday): €175 Member/€200 Non-member
    Non-Residential (excluding High Tea, Saturday): €155 Member/€180 Non-member
    Saturday only (including lunch & High Tea): €70 Member/€85 Non-member
    Saturday only (including lunch): €50 Member/€60 Non-member

    Deposit €50 required


    To book a place, please visit The Guild of Irish Lacemakers website to download the booking form and return to The Secretary, GOIL, 106 Ceannt Fort, Mount Brown, Dublin 8, enclosing your deposit.


    Bobbin Lace with Ann Keller
    Mountmellick Work with Maree Maher
    Limerick Lace with Grainne Conlon
    Carrickmacross Lace with Mary Shields
    Irish Crochet Lace with Anne Greene

  • Lace Drawing Award & Exhibition Launch

    At 6pm on Monday January 25th in the Limerick School of Art & Design Church Gallery, Clare Street, there will be an exhibition based on entries for a lace design competition, the ‘Florence Vere O’Brien’ award. There will also be an award ceremony for winners of the competition on the night.

  • Limerick lace course at the Hunt Museum – the first steps

    Now in its fourth week, the Limerick lace course taught by Toni O’Malley at the Hunt Museum is bringing the six participants on a beautiful journey.

    • The first week’s session was dedicated to the preparation of the tools and pattern tracing.
    • The second week saw the participants choosing a pattern and attaching it to the hoop, followed by learning the outline stitch.
    • During the third session, Toni taught us the heavy darn stitch.

    See below a few images of our group at work:

    IMG_20151008_123634 IMG_20151008_123745

    IMG_20151008_123808 IMG_20151008_123815







    Tools of the trade:

    Old Limerick lace piece recently cleaned and restored by Toni: